Around the Hostel

· Private Beach (low tide) ·

Every day at low tide, you’ll witness one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches of Colombia, overlooked by the hostel. Walk to the islands or to the rocky caves, watching hundreds of crabs scamper across the rocks. This is truly the most virgin beach you’ve ever seen.

· Jungle Swimming Pool (high tide) ·


At high tide, we have a giant natural swimming pool inside the jungle right next to the hostel. This pool retreats deep into the jungle, further than you can swim! Jump from the steps, or swim deep into the jungle, if you dare. You can discover a secret river just around the corner.

· Swim with Plankton (All night) ·


Every night when it’s dark, you will have the opportunity to swim with the amazing bioluminescent plankton. See the incredible underwater light show, right in front of your eyes. We also recommend bringing a mask/goggles to get the most out of this magical must-see experience.




· Jungle Trip (4-5 hours) ·
Price: 45.000 COP


The tour starts when you get picked up at the hostel to go to Juanchaco walking trough a little jungle path, then you take a motor bike to get to the next town Ladrilleros where you take a Boat inside a river in the Jungle. You’ll be going deep inside the Jungle for 40 minutes, it really looks like the amazon jungle but smaller, you are going to see really dense jungle right next to you, then you get to a beautiful pristine river and a deep natural pool inside the jungle. You can even jump from a rope really high into the river.

The tour includes the Guide + two-way motor bike rides + Boat ride

· Sierpe Waterfall & Jungle Cascades
(4-5 hours) ·
Price 60.000 COP

The Urámba Bahía Málaga National Park is named after the Bahía Málaga Bay, in this tour you get picked up by a boat at the hostel and go for 40 minutes inside this Bay where you can see all the National Park landscapes, at the end of the boat ride you’ll get to a huge Waterfall that falls into the Ocean. You can swim below the waterfall in an amazing natural pool of fresh water. After the waterfall you’ll go to “Las 3 Marías” the most beautifull natural pools you’ve seen, there you walk into the jungle for 20 mins to discover more than 10 different natural pools of fresh water where you can swim and jump, some of them are more than 3 meters deep and you can jump from one to the other. There is actually a hole where you can jump into the water and when you get to the other side you fall into the ocean

· Bird Islands & Sunset (2 hours) ·
Price 35.000 COP

From the hostel we take a boat ride getting outside of the Bahia Malaga bay in the direction to the “bird islands”, three beautiful islands that look out of a Jurassic Park Movie. This rocky islands are the home of a thousands of exotic marine birds, here you can even spot the Blue-footed booby from the Galapagos Islands.

After the Islands we go in directions to the “negritos” rocks in the middle of the ocean to drink some beers and watch the Sunset.

· Kayak Rent (1 hour) ·
Price 30.000 COP

· Surf Lessons (3 hours) ·
Price 50.000 COP

Always wanted to learn but never had the chance to try? Ladrilleros is the perfect place for you, with both large and smaller waves accommodating for every level. Come and meet the local teachers, who are also helping to develop the local surf scene by teaching children for free.

· La Barra Beach & Mangroves (4 hours) ·
Price 50.000 COP


Have you heard about La Barra? Ride a motorbike across the beach, meet the local community and experience the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see. At high tide, we change our motorbikes for a little boat and ride back through the jungle where we can see the mangroves.